For a brief (okay, one-month-long) moment in March 2020, I felt that my life had been canceled. I know that it wasn’t just my life. Of course, I’m not special. But while we’re living through the same circumstances, we all experience them differently.

As I was trying to cope with my grief and hopelessness (some days better than others), I was writing. I’ve been writing all my life. This time I wrote to heal. But whatever the reasons, I do enjoy writing, and a thought occurred to share what I put on paper. Or better, what I put on screen, because yes, I do live in this century (screens are present in my day-to-day).

Writing is my passion.

And while I began writing a long time ago, for years, I couldn’t find the courage to share. At the beginning of this year, both my plans and determination were big. Partially, selfishly, related to the fact that I finished a manuscript of my first book in English. And then, March came along, and I felt that we’re all going through such a tough time and trying to be jolly, or savvy, or I don’t know what was simply not appropriate. Yes, you read well – I deemed starting a blog inappropriate due to the worldwide pandemic and all the other issues 2020 has presented us with.

And then, obviously, I changed my mind since you’re reading this. I mean, I still am quite hesitant to share my thoughts, journals, and inspirations with you, but I realized that the longer we’re under restrictions, the more I’m searching a lighter, funnier, and hopeful read. So, I guess sharing similar flavors, scents, sounds, and textures would be and should be okay.

This blog is about my ‘aha’ moments – some are funny, some (I hope) might be inspirational, and some are just rants. Enjoy them!

Inspired or entertained, go ahead and share:-)